On the Ground with Samaritan's Purse

On the Ground with Samaritan's Purse

You Welcomed Me: An Afghan Family’s Story of Hope

March 22, 2022

In August 2021, thousands of Afghan families fled their home in a state of emergency—leaving with only the clothes on their backs. Now, Samaritan’s Purse is helping them begin their lives anew as they resettle in the United States. Today, you’ll hear the powerful story of one family’s journey from Afghanistan to America.


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Show Notes

“I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Matthew 25:35

When the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August 2021, tens of thousands of innocent people escaped for their lives—including the Mussa* family. Stranded at the Kabul airport for days, this mother and her eight children clung to the hope of a better life in America.

The Mussa family then waited months at a U.S. Military base to be relocated to a permanent location. Through the Samaritan’s Purse Afghan Resettlement Program, the family is now being helped by the local church and partner organization Asha’s Refuge as they settle into a new city in the states.

The family invited On the Ground with Samaritan’s Purse podcast correspondents over to their home for a meal and to share about their journey. With the help of Asha’s Refuge and a local church body, they are learning basic life skills, ESL (English as a second language), and how to succeed in America.

“It took the community. No one can do this on their own,” said Jamie Jones, founder of Asha’s Refuge. “The support from [Samaritan’s Purse] has been just amazing. It really has.”

Each day, the Mussas are learning the rhythms of American life and enjoying the freedoms it provides. The mother is hopeful for new opportunities and a bright future for her children as they develop in school. As they learn independence in this new culture, they know that they can always rely on Asha’s Refuge and the local church.

“All kinds of people have been working behind the scenes to help this family come into the United States: get them here, get them settled, and give them their basic needs—just help them live,” shares a church pastor in their community. “For us, it was just a huge blessing to be involved in any of those ways and to help.”

This critical work could not be done without God’s help and provision. Please continue to pray for the successful welcoming of Afghan families into the U.S., and for an abundance of local churches to come alongside them as they resettle.