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From different corporate jobs to business baddie for other content makers. Welcome Lena Sesardic
May 15, 2024

About content creation and how to make it with ease. Lena who is your business baddie will share her insights how to manage your content creation and what to create. Hosted by: Monta Vilumsone Featured Entrepreneur: Lena Sesardic Listen now and joi

From fancy corporate job to one - way ticket to Bali to get yoga certification. Welcome Nicole Novoselsky
May 08, 2024

Striving from a young age to be seen as perfect and seemed great on paper, but felt miserable. Nikki quit her job, packed all her life in a suitcase and booked one-way ticket to Bali, Indonesia. Nikki got yoga certification, learned all about energy heali

Step into your desires. Welcome Dana Pierce
May 01, 2024

Do you allow yourself to desire? Dana will inspire you to desire more and remind us that we can be comfortable, but not deeply into the pleasure of our life. Hosted by: Monta Vilumsone Featured Entrepreneur: Dana Pierce Listen now and join the Ommmp

Guided Journaling Session for entrepreneurs
April 24, 2024

Enjoy this simple, yet powerful practice of journaling for your business.

Authentic funnels for 7 figure coaches and course creators. Arta Brilta
April 17, 2024

She delves into the world of creating authentic high-performing funnels for 7-figure coaches and course creators. In this lively conversation, Arta shares her top insights from her experience and how and when funnels can help you. Hosted by: Monta Vi

From broke AF waitress to 8.3 million in 4 years. Welcome Becca Pike
April 03, 2024

Becca help entrepreneurs who sell services to work smarter, not harder and really believes that owning a business is all about MEGA-FREEDOM. She will give a lot of tips how to start value your time and do whatever you want with it.

Reason for having your own business: Lauren Brookes
April 02, 2024

Lauren will emphasizes the importance of tapping into that initial vision, trusting the process, and manifesting the success you desire.Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your journey, episodes will be filled with inspiration, pr

Underwater Monk Kosho Loic Freediving & ZEN
March 27, 2024

How can one go from being a Zen Monk and Master to dive 100m on one breath. If most of us start with the crazy and then seek peace, he's gone the other way around!An underwater monk who's building an underwater temple while preparing to set anoth

Rising Gemini Affirmations. Have this instead of your morning coffee!
March 23, 2024

Hi Rising Gemini, what do you think of these? Let me know!IG:

Midheaven & Branding in alignment. Astrology. Human Design. Gisele Plamondon
March 21, 2024

Midheaven Branding - what is your legacy according to your natal chart and how to express it into your branding? Turns out my midheaven in Capricorn + risign sign in Gemini and I got great advice from Gisele!The Cosmic Laundry made by Gisele Plamondon h