The Oldies Radio Show

The Oldies Radio Show

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Battle of Bands
October 01, 2023

Me VS my Dad in a battle to see who can think of the best song on the spot!

Welcome summer special
October 01, 2023

Exclusive Early 1960s music and fun Rock n Roll w/ interviews with Dave Fury! Took a lot if time and effort but had a lot of time on our hands and effort to spare so we ended up making this artwork!

1959 Greatest Hits!
October 01, 2023

Have fun listening and Rock n, Rolling.

Best 1950s and Early 60s hits
May 02, 2020

Enjoy these dear songs :)

Ricky Nelson day
January 19, 2019

Ricky Nelson is a world favorite and was popular in Late 50s and early 50s

Dion Day
January 17, 2019

Bring back the 50s and early 60s