ESG Energized

ESG Energized

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Sabbatical – OGEV031
August 26, 2021

Take a listen and find out why the show is going on a sabbatical. - We'll be back soon!! - CLICK HERE FOR HPE REGISTRATION WHITEPAPER LINK   - Music for the introduction was Written, Performed and Pro

How To Tell Your Story with Todd Gregory – OGEV030
August 10, 2021

Inspired by statements we have heard in person, in conferences and online about needing to tell "Our Story" around ESG and the industries we are part of we sat down with Todd Gregory to get some persp

bp Launchpad – Where Corporate Engages Startups; Insight with Daryn Edgar – OGEV029
August 03, 2021

Case Study Segment Details:  Stephen Cook is Operating Partner at bp Launchpad  - Insight Segment Details: Daryn Edgar is CEO of LYTT - CLICK HERE FOR HPE REGISTRATION WHITEPAPER LINK   - Music for th

GustoMSC – Pioneers of Offshore Engineering; Insight with Danny Splettstosser – OGEV028
July 27, 2021

Case Study Segment Details:  Alberto Morandi is General Manager of GustoMSC | NOV   - Insight Segment Details:  Danny Splettstosser is Vice President Origination and Investor Relations at RES. -   - C

Accelerate July 2021 – OGEV027
July 20, 2021

Eric and Sean talk about some current ESG topics and highlight some recent episodes that stood out to them.   - They are also joined by Ale Veltmann CEO and Founder & Jennifer Sadenwater from ESG Lynk

FloTek – Homelessness & Hand Sanitizer; Insight with Hank Rush -OGEV026
July 13, 2021

Case Study Segment Details:  John Gibson, Chairman & CEO at Flotek Industries  - Insight Segment Details:  Hank Rush, President & CEO, Star of Hope Mission - CLICK HERE FOR HPE REGISTRATION WHITEPAPER

DataGumbo – GumboNet ESG; Insight with Donovan Buck – OGEV025
July 06, 2021

Case Study Segment Details:  Andrew Bruce is CEO and Founder at DataGumbo  - Insight Segment Details:  Donovan Buck is Partner & Vice President, Software Engineering at ESG Reporting Partners -   - CL

ProFrac Fracing with Dual Fuel; Insight with Edward Eichstetter – OGEV024
June 22, 2021

Case Study Segment Details: Tim Reist, Vice President of Engineering at ProFrac - Insight Segment Details: Edward Eichstetter, CEO at EKU Power Drives   - CLICK HERE FOR HPE REGISTRATION WHITEPAPER LI

Accelerate & Clubhouse – June 2021 – OGEV023
June 15, 2021

Clubhouse – What is it and why are industry professionals using it? - Eric and Sean are joined by Tyler Abaide, CEO ABADIE  and John Cooper CEO and Co-Founder at NXT NRG  - CLICK HERE FOR HPE REGISTRA

LIVE: XRI Water Recycling and Reuse; Introduction with Joseph Triepke – OGEV022
June 08, 2021

Recorded onsight and Live at the Oilfield Water Markets 2021 Conference in Frisco, TX. - Introduction Segment Details: Joseph Triepke Managing Partner of Oilfield Water Connection (conference organize