Odd Thing: Stories

Odd Thing: Stories

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Sweet Madeline
May 24, 2019

A young soldier, fighting in the trenches of World War I, writes letters to his girlfriend back home.  Featuring the voices of Mark Soriano and Amanda Levy.

Witch Burning
February 02, 2019

The moral fiber of a small town is crumbling. The culprit is clear. The solution is even clearer. 

The Life of a 14th Century Man: A Chronology of Wonder
January 10, 2019

An innocently idiotic man documents his story of mischief,  love, disappointment, and wonder.   

January 10, 2019

Welcome to the podcast! It's good to have you. Really, I mean that. This is a podcast of short stories. In this episode, I introduce the pod and make a morally questionable comparison. Did that peak your interest? Well it shouldn't, you reprehensible misc