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Those Electrons Are Gonna Flow: An Interview With Mark Yates
March 01, 2021

Mark Yates, vice president of the Advanced Power Alliance, joins us for Observercast 2.8: Those Electrons Are Gonna Flow to discuss renewable energy, the recent weather-related calamities that struck America’s power grid,

A Lack Of Compassion: Rep. Cyndi Munson On HB 1564
February 22, 2021

House Democratic Caucus Chair Cyndi Munson joins us for Observercast 2.7: A Lack of Compassion to discuss proposed legislative bills that are anything but friendly to workaday Oklahomans, including HB 1564 that would prevent courts from halting evictio...

By The Power Of LOFT: An Interview With Sen. Julia Kirt
February 15, 2021

OKC Sen. Julia Kirt joins us for this week’s Observercast 2.6: By The Power Of Loft to discuss the Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency’s blistering draft report on Gov. Kevin Stitt’s CARES Act spending and why the governor’s handling of federal r...

Observercast 2.5: Playing Where We Can Win
February 08, 2021

As a buckle on the evangelical Bible Belt, Oklahoma has a long and dispiriting history of anti-LGBTQ policymaking, intolerance and vigilantism. It’s a shameful legacy being revived in the 2021 Oklahoma Legislature.

Observercast 2.4: All Spectacle And No Substance
February 01, 2021

State lawmakers kicked off their 2021 session Monday with less than the usual pomp and circumstance – an acknowledgement of the reality that Oklahoma remains locked in the coronavirus’ killer grip. While Gov.

Observercast 2.3: A Living Wage For Oklahoma
January 25, 2021

Frozen at $7.25 an hour since 2009, the minimum wage is more accurately described as a starvation wage. Once the purview of teenage and part-time workers, it now is the primary income for an increasing number of full-time adult workers navigating a flo...

Observercast Episode 2.2: The First Right Afforded To The People
January 18, 2021

Oklahoma’s Founding Fathers clearly were wary of too much power in too few hands. One of the first planks they nailed into the state Constitution – reflecting the populist spirit of the time – was People Power,

Observercast Season 2, Episode 1: A Perfect Political Storm
January 11, 2021

If you think the Oklahoma Legislature took a giant step toward solving public education’s chronic funding problems three years ago when it approved the state’s first tax increase in a quarter century, think again. Sadly,

Observercast 47: To 2021 And Beyond
December 07, 2020

So where do Oklahoma Democrats go from here? Once the state’s dominant party, they’re now a super-minority in the Legislature, shut out of the DC delegation and 0-fer all the statewide elective offices. As we conclude our first season of Observercasts ...

Observercast 46: A Deep Responsibility To Us
November 30, 2020

Despite being promised otherwise, COVID-19 did not disappear from the headlines the day after the presidential election. In fact, nearly a month later, the pandemic’s grip on America – and Oklahoma – is tighter than ever,