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The Oklahoma Observercast

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No Sunshine On The Stittshow
May 16, 2022

Oklahoma taxpayers are getting a PhD-level education into the corrosive effects of a statehouse supermajority that brays incessantly about transparency but all-too-often operates in secret: Swadleygat

The Stittshow Goes On
May 09, 2022

You thought past official misconduct in Oklahoma was eye-popping? Corruption on the state’s highest court, 165 county commissioners convicted, Gov. David Hall imprisoned, just to name a few. Today, Go

Are We Being Good Neighbors?
May 03, 2022

After the governor signed SB 1100 last week, banning non-binary designations on vital records like birth certificates, Oklahoma has some soul searching to do about what kind of neighbors we want to be

Yes, Abortion Care Is Health Care
April 25, 2022

The male-dominated Oklahoma Legislature’s obsession with uteruses threatens to make pregnancies more dangerous and family planning more complex. In this week’s Observercast – Yes, Abortion Care Is Hea

The Budget We Do In The Shadows
April 18, 2022

It’s six weeks until the end of the 2022 legislative session and the Oklahoma Legislature’s reason for being – crafting a state budget that funds vital state services – remains a work in progress … be

Abortion! Abortion! Abortion!
April 12, 2022

Believe it or not, Gov. Kevin Stitt’s signing today of SB 612 – arguably the nation’s most restrictive anti-abortion law – is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to this session’s fre

First Half Follies
April 04, 2022

The first half of the 2022 legislative session was essentially a reprise of the Culture War’s Greatest Hits – a taxpayer-financed pitch to Republican voters to help keep their party’s statehouse super

A Camel’s Nose In The Tent
March 21, 2022

This is a huge week for public education – and the future of rural Oklahoma. The deadline looms for Senate action on Senate President Pro Tem Greg Treat’s voucher bill, SB 1647, that would steal publi

The Race For OK CD5
March 15, 2022

With the candidate filing deadline just a month away and with former U.S. Rep. Kendra Horn’s entry into the race to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe, Oklahoma’s 2022 state and federal campaign se

Laws Or Justice
March 07, 2022

Four years after voters made clear they’d had enough of Oklahoma’s punitive approach to crime and punishment, state lawmakers are hellbent on permanently tilting the scales against true, restorative,