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Turning Our Backs On History: Rep. John Waldron On HB 1775
May 03, 2021

Spring temperatures are warming, but the Legislature’s Republican hypermajority is morphing into snowflakes, working to ban teaching that could – oh, the humanity! – make students feel guilty about America’s legacy of racism and sexism.

Bait And Switch: Claudia Swisher On State’s Broken NBCT Promises
April 26, 2021

This spring, a decade after the Legislature reneged on promised stipends for National Board Certified Teachers, it appeared lawmakers finally were poised to do right by Oklahoma’s elite educators. The House approved legislation that not only would have...

A Bad Witches’ Brew: Ex-Rep Clay Pope On Rural Oklahoma’s Plight
April 20, 2021

In this week’s Observercast — Boiling Up A Bad Witches’ Brew — former state Rep. Clay Pope, chairman of the fledgling Rural and Small-Town Round Table of Common Interests, discusses the economic future of rural Oklahoma,

What The Shuck?
April 12, 2021

Bigoted state lawmakers are deploying a slimy parliamentary maneuver known as bill “shucking” in last-ditch efforts to revive measures that would discriminate against LGBTQ2+ Oklahomans and thwart gender or sexual diversity training.

Pray And Petition: Rev. Clark Frailey And The Attack On Public Ed
April 05, 2021

Rev. Clark Frailey, executive director of Pastors for Oklahoma Kids, joins us for this week’s Observercast to discuss the all-out assault on public schools being executed by Gov. Kevin Stitt, his State Board of Education appointees,

Pulling Up The Ladder: Rep. Cyndi Munson On SB 639
March 29, 2021

Don’t look now but legislators are working to undermine Oklahoma’s Promise, the life-changing initiative that’s given more than 100,000 students from the state’s working and barely-scraping-by classes a shot at life-changing college degrees. OKC Rep.

And Linus Is Still Stupid: Cal Hobson And The 2021 Session
March 22, 2021

For this week’s Observercast, former Senate President Pro Tem and current Observer columnist Cal Hobson joins MaryAnn Martin and Arnold Hamilton to dissect the good, bad and ugly of the 2021 Oklahoma Legislature’s first seven weeks and preview the work...

Those Electrons Are Gonna Flow: An Interview With Mark Yates
March 01, 2021

Mark Yates, vice president of the Advanced Power Alliance, joins us for Observercast 2.8: Those Electrons Are Gonna Flow to discuss renewable energy, the recent weather-related calamities that struck America’s power grid,

A Lack Of Compassion: Rep. Cyndi Munson On HB 1564
February 22, 2021

House Democratic Caucus Chair Cyndi Munson joins us for Observercast 2.7: A Lack of Compassion to discuss proposed legislative bills that are anything but friendly to workaday Oklahomans, including HB 1564 that would prevent courts from halting evictio...

By The Power Of LOFT: An Interview With Sen. Julia Kirt
February 15, 2021

OKC Sen. Julia Kirt joins us for this week’s Observercast 2.6: By The Power Of Loft to discuss the Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency’s blistering draft report on Gov. Kevin Stitt’s CARES Act spending and why the governor’s handling of federal r...