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Science in the Park

December 09, 2019

Join host Christina Cantrill for a discussion with participants of Science in the Park, a project that brought NWP teachers and NPS park rangers together to plan and implement programming that welcomes young people and their families into national parks to play with and learn science together. Science in the Park was funded through one-year spark grant from the Joan Ganz Cooney Foundation and is part of their Families Learning Across Boundaries work.


  • Cris Constantine, Education Program Manager with the National Park Service, Interior Region 1, North Atlantic - Appalachian

  • Jan Gebert, Teacher-Consultant, Pocono Writing Project

  • Darshna Katwala, Director, Long Island Writing Project

  • Stephanie West-Puckett, Assistant Professor at the University of Rhode Island; Teacher-Consultant, Tar River Writing Project

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Playlists for Parents

Designed to support parents and/or youth to lead their own learning experience, these playlists were created from Science in the Park work and will be tested at National Park Service sites this fall.