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The Saugatuck StoryFest—Behind the Scenes of a Literary Collaboration

October 20, 2018

For the National Day on Writing, we celebrate the success of the Saugatuck StoryFest, a 4-day literacy event in southern Connecticut that brought together teachers, writers, students, and members of the community to discuss the power of stories in our lives. Event organizers—including CWP-Fairfield teacher leaders, Westport Public Library, and the Saugatuck StoryFest Youth Board—highlight the history behind the festival, the writers who came, and the wisdom that resulted from the event.


  • Kim Herzog, English Teacher, Staples High School

  • Rebecca Marsick, Literacy Coach, Staples High School

  • Alex Giannini, Westport Public Library

  • Chunjang Bruynder, Central High School

  • Kemoy Blair, Central High School

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