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Write Out: Place-Based Making with Writing Project Sites and National Parks

May 24, 2018

Writers reside inside internal landscapes. They traverse the contours of stories and poems, learning and understanding. They turn pen on paper and characters on screens into art. They write for themselves as much as for the world. This summer, we hope to encourage you to take your writing and teaching self outside, into the natural wonders of the open and historical spaces, and explore through the eyes of connected teachers and connected learners. Join us for this episode of NWP Radio to learn more about Write Out and imagine with us ways we can connect.


  • Christina Cantrill, Host, National Writing Project
  • Cris Constantine, Education Program Manager with the National Park Service, Northeast Region
  • Susan Cook, Chief of Interpretation and Resource Management, Homestead National Monument of America in Nebraska
  • Dorothy Luongo, Hudson Valley Writing Project Teacher-Consultant, 5th Grade Teacher at the Poughkeepsie Day School
  • Bethany Silva, Philadelphia Writing Project Teacher-Consultant, director of the Community Literacy Center at the University of New Hampshire.

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