NUFC Outcast - United voice for Newcastle

NUFC Outcast - United voice for Newcastle

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Trust Talk - w/Jonny Drape-Comyn - NUST Election Candidate & Shaun Wade
October 14, 2020

Forget Trump/Biden. The only election worth a damn this Autumn is the Newcastle United Supporters Trust board ballot & a good friend of the pod & LMG has decided to run. We decided to chat to Jonny about his aims for running & LMG’s Shaun Wade also joins

What the P.I.F. is happening? And what now for fans?
April 29, 2020

Friend of the podcast and LMG, Jonathan Drape-Comyn joins us via Skype from South East Asia to provide insight from his post-graduate studies into Saudi International Relations and the PIF as well as discussing our hopes and positions as members of a jade

NUFC Outcast: Newcastle Legends’ Steve Wraith & LMG talk takeover. Is the 13 year wait over?
April 22, 2020

Thanks to Steve who took time out from his day and snaps of the Tyne Bridge to chat to @londonmagpies and give some first hand insight into the buildup to the current speculation, his role and we share our outlooks on the potential investment.

Brucie Bonus Or Truly Bogus? Arsenal (h) & # BoycottArsenal
August 17, 2019

We’re back for the season and plenty to unpack..thanks to Chris Heron from Wor Flags for his contribution.

London Magpie Group Protest - Live-ish from Totteridge Common
July 14, 2019

London Magpie Group Protest - Live-ish from Totteridge Common at Mike Ashley’s ostentatious home. We interview protesters to explain their views. Twitter: @LondonM

Special: Newcastle United Fans Collective - Boycott Statement
July 11, 2019

Special: Newcastle United Fans Collective - Boycott Statement. Extended version of the boycott statement radio edit made by the following groups working together on #BoycottArsenal, #BoycottSJP &

Outcast 13: Adios Amigo, Estamos Contigo
July 02, 2019

Episode 13. Lucky for some. Perhaps not for the Outcasters. Jay and Andrew say adios and muchas gracias in the wake of an unwanted but hardly unexpected departure and we ask what now? Manager? Players? Takeover? A season ticket holder and an LMG distance

Outcast 12: Sheikh, prattle & poll...
June 15, 2019

After some well earned rest and perhaps therapy, the Outcasters are back and armed with a Twitter poll. All hell broke loose after the last pod and Jay, Andrew and listener questions try to make sense of the always nonsensical NUFC. Could this finally be

Outcast 11: Final Countdowns & Boardroom Showdowns
May 17, 2019

The season is over but for NUFC the real work begins. We talk Fulham, a taste of things to come from the pod over the summer and the upcoming showdown between Rafa and Ashley. Twitter: @LondonMagpies Facebook: @

Outcast 10: Liverpool Blinder, Monkey & the Organ Grinder
May 09, 2019

Outcast is in double figures before the end of the season and despite nothing to play for its getting tense. Rafa is dealing with the Monkey & not the Organ Grinder & with talk of showdown the summer proves a big one. Social addressesTwitter: @LondonMa