N.R.I. Woman

N.R.I. Woman

Only a life lived for others is one worthwhile: Padmini Stump #011

May 13, 2018

Child loss is like a loss no other. It's grief of a lifetime, and there is no getting over or moving on from it. Our guest today Padmini Stump lost her son Steven in tragic circumstances 11 years ago. The days, months following his death left Padmini devastated, numb and depressed.

On a night when she had lost the will to live she stepped out of her house in the middle of the night seeking answers from God on how to carry on. She couldn't bear the thought of living life like this, and she believes God answered her prayers. Someone walked into her life that day, literally and changed the course of her life.

Listen in as this mum shares her story of love, loss and unconditional love.

Connect with the guests:

Padmini Stump: +91 9921881894
Website: http://www.missionpossiblepune.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MissionPossiblePetAdoptions/

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