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Not Just Dogs #39-Norka Rodriguez
May 21, 2021

Norka Rodriguez, aka Norka Dog Guru is a fantastic trainer based out of Florida. She has lots of experience and succes working with the tough cases that other trainers tend to turn her way. Her social media (specifically tik tok) content is an filled with

Not Just Dogs #38-Evan Doggett
March 16, 2021

Evan Doggett is the head trainer and owner of Doggett Style Dog Training based in Halifax, Canada. He recently released a one of a kind online program for dog owners that covers just about everything the average owner needs to know in order to have the be

Not Just Dogs #37-Dan Hesch
March 09, 2021

Dan Hesch is the owner and trainer at 3CK9 Training based out of Howell, Michigan. Dan aka doodle Dan and I sat down for a great conversation about his journey into dog training, what he thinks owners can do to create a difference in the lives of their do

Not Just Dogs #36-Rachel Feery
January 21, 2021

Rachel is a trainer and co-owner of Training That Heels based out of Jackson, New Jersey. Her business partner and co-trainer, Kori started their business after training dogs together at a facility. We chatted about her journey going from a kennel staff a

Not Just Dogs #35-Jonas Black End of 2020
January 01, 2021

This was such a fun way to wrap up an extremely wild and crazy year! Jonas and I dug deep into some dog training ideas, what we look forward to in 2021 and had some real serious moments mixed in with tons of laughs. About two hours in we got to see a diff

Not Just DOgs #34 Kevin Kazlaukas
December 24, 2020

Kevin is a dog trainer and owner of Full Circle Canine based in Nashville, Tennessee. We've known each other through social media for about two years and I've watched his business. We chatted about his journey into training, addiction and alcohol consumpt

Not Just Dogs #33-Matt Cochran
December 08, 2020

Matt is the owner and trainer of Cochran K9 Training based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He is in the early stages of his dog training business and is totally killing it. We chatted about his struggles with finding his voice on social media, how Gary Vee in

Not Just Dogs #32-Gonzalo Dremoinz
December 04, 2020

Gonzalo is the owner and head trainer of The Human Dog Team based in San Diego, California. He has  a background in falcon, pigeon and hawk training. We chatted about everything from dog training, teaching people, running a very successful business,

Not Just Dogs #31- Lauren Sogard
November 23, 2020

Lauren Sogard is owner and head trainer at All Dogs Balanced Dog Training based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. She has a background in pro horseback riding and has traveled the world doing shows and competing with her beloved horse Concerto. After struggli

Not Just Dogs #30-Josh Hurlburt
November 03, 2020

Josh Hurlburt is a balanced dog trainer based out of West Virginia. He is the head trainer and co-owner of Julie's K9 Academy with locations in Falling Waters, West Virginia and Fredrick, Maryland. His unique understanding of dog behavior is a true breath