Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast

Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast

The Debrief

October 29, 2019

On this week’s No Shame we’re doing a debrief on our run to #100. Paddy looks back at some of the episodes that helped to establish the show as one of the most popular podcasts in Ireland.


Throughout the first #099 episodes, we’ve had all types of guest on the No Shame, including sports stars, coaches, comedians, artists, actors, directors, authors, musicians, activists & politicians. Some of the names that feature on the Debrief include, Damian Browne, Owen Roddy, Napoleon from the Outlawz, Kevin Kilbane, Jason Byrne, John Connors, Erin McGregor, Maverick Sabre & much more.


One of the driving reasons why Paddy set up the podcast was to show that no matter how famous or unknown a person is, ultimately we all experience the same emotions & we’re not that different on a personal level. Another fundamental reason for creating the podcast was to shine a light on aspects of society that certain areas of the media can sometimes choose to neglect. Some of the topics we’ve discussed on the show include the housing/homeless crisis, the climate crisis, the nurses strike, suicide prevention, the Free Palestine movement, psychedelics & mindfulness.


The odd conspiracy theory crops up every now & then also with an honourable mention going to Paddy’s noble effort to debunk the moon landings on episode #018 with The BDK, Kiefer Crosbie. As well as reviewing a selection of episodes Paddy also offers an honest breakdown of his own performance as a host during the formative years of the podcast. It’s only when we look back at Damian Browne on week 1 that we can see the evolution of Paddy Holohan as a host & No Shame as a production.


In truth we can hardly believe episode 100 is upon us, the time really has flown. It’s been two years of consistency, we haven’t missed a week since show began, every Tuesday a new episode is published. Things haven’t always ran smoothly, far from it at times. Sometimes the game plan goes completely out the window & it’s often in those unscripted moments that we’ve produced some of our very best content.


Ultimately When you have consistency, work ethic & attitude you’ve always got a chance of reaching the top. Paddy has proved that time & again whether in the world of MMA, podcasting or politics.


So that’s the first Debrief in the bag & it’s on to the next 100 episodes. It’s been an incredible journey so far. We’ve come a long way, with plenty of mistakes made & lessons learned. We’re far from the finished article too, with plenty of exciting plans ahead for 2020. As always a massive thank you for supporting the show. The fan engagement has become a vital part of the podcast’s success & it motivates us to constantly improve our output.


The full Debrief episode of Paddy Holohan’s No Shame Podcast is available now across all the usual platforms including Youtube, iTunes & Spotify.