Raging Romantics

Raging Romantics

#26 Today's Romance Novels with the Ripped Bodice LA

September 17, 2021

We sit down with Leah Koch, co-owner of the Ripped Bodice bookstore in Culver City, Los Angeles to put our thumb on the pulse of 2021 romancelandia. Together we discuss the history of the Ripped Bodice, traditional vs. independent publishing, the fallacy of publishing trends, how booktok (book side of tiktok) has influenced the world of romance, and how Leah finds the next big romance books. We also have a serious discussion about how romance and romance publishing is failing us, the consumers. So buckle in sparkly romance nerds, it's time for some real talk with some good laughs along the way.

Content Warning: language use and some shame upon Nicholas Sparks and James Patterson...sorry not sorry.

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