Raging Romantics

Raging Romantics

#23 The Spectrum of Body Positivity

August 06, 2021

Content Warning: discussions of body size and acceptance, toxic doctor-patient relationships, diet culture, disordered eating, and disability representation. Language usage

Welcome back glittery romance nerds. It's time for a serious discussion about body representation in romancelandia..buckle in because this one gets a bit rambly. In this episode, we get down into the nitty gritty as we talk about all types of bodies, not just in relation to size, but also disability. Is romance truly the most inclusive genre out there? Or does it still fall behind other genres out there? Also be warned...we had a bad day and swear a lot in this one.

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  • BBW - short for a "big beautiful woman"

  • Instalust- When two characters are instantly sexually-attracted to one another

  • MMA - Mixed Martial Arts

  • HEA - Happily Ever After

  • HFN - Happily ever after For Now

  • The Body Positivity Movement - The movement officially started in 1996 and its mission is “to develop balanced, joyful self-care and a relationship with our bodies that is guided by love, forgiveness, and humor." Visit The Body Positive for more information: bodypositive.org

  • Body Neutrality - The idea of accepting your body as it is in its current state. Unlike the body positivity movement, it does not need to involve self-love talk or mantras about your body.

Books/Authors we mention: