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Raging Romantics

#17 Getting Bromantic with Lyssa Kay Adams

May 07, 2021

It's finally here! Jen and I were so honored to get to sit down with the amazing Lyssa Kay Adams, author of the Bromance Book Club Series!!! In this episode we have a (very long) casual conversation with Lyssa about her career as a romance author, her journey to the bestseller list, her inspirations, and the best part about being an author. We also hype up a bunch of newer/lesser known/inclusive romance authors for you to check out!

Content Warning: Discussions of #MeToo and sexual harassment

Do you want to win a signed copy of Crazy Stupid Bromance??! Of course you do, duh. Email us at ragingromantics@gmail.com by MAY 28 with your name, and why you're excited to read the Bromance series!

We'll announce the winner on the episode that airs June 4!

Lyssa's website

Lyssa's Books:

  • Bromance Book Club

  • Undercover Bromance

  • Crazy Stupid Bromance

  • Isn't It Bromantic (pub. July 20, 2021) 

Books/Authors we talked about:

Articles worth reading:

  • "Why I'm Addressing Toxic Masculinity in my Romance Novels" (Adams, 2019)

  • "Sex Hugs and Throbbing Boners: Inside a Bromance Book Club" (Rogers, 2020)

  • RWA (Romance Writers of America Drama) "The Implosion of the RWA" (Ryan, 2019)

Podcasts listened to:

Random restaurant in Nashville that Jackie couldn't remember: Pinewood Social! (seriously an amazing place for brunch if you're ever in town)