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No One Told Me

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What Grief Can Really Teach Us
November 21, 2022

I get it, that word - grief - is like a red flag to keep scrolling. Why would you voluntarily push play on an emotion we spend much of our time trying to avoid? But that's the exact reason why you sho

Lessons from Letting Go
November 14, 2022

A few episodes ago, in For When You Feel Buried, we talked about how to keep doing what you know to do when you don't really feel like doing anything at all. Consider this a follow-up of sorts. These

Did Anyone Tell You: Halloween 2022
October 31, 2022

If you're new to No One Told Me, let me explain. Our Did Anyone Tell You episodes are a break from the norm, meant to give you all you need in any small-talk-required situation. NOTM friends, Kaley an

For When You’re Ready To Live A Soft Life
October 24, 2022

You know what I'm ready for? What I'm doing my very best to build? A soft life. I'm tired of this life lived trying to prove something, you know? Because it never ends. There's always some new finish

For When You’re Ready To Live Fully Right Where You Are
October 17, 2022

Today we're rolling with my new friend, Stephanie May Wilson. She's an author, podcast host, coach and all around encourager - that's my kind of people. So, I think she's your kind of people too. We s

For When You’re Still Figuring Out How To Find Your People
October 11, 2022

Community is just...hard. Whether youre rolling into a new chapter in life with a new job or a new city, new husband, new baby - these big life shifts create big emotional and mental shifts and reall

For When Trying To Make Everyone Happy Makes You Miserable
October 03, 2022

If you've ever found yourself shape shifting, becoming who someone else needs you to be, saying yes when you really want to say no... If you find yourself completely at a loss when someone asks, "Wh

For When You Feel Buried
September 26, 2022

If you, like me, feel a little buried in your disappointment, expectations, uncertainty - push play. Let's be honest, push play even if you don't, because this is just one of those things

Life 101: Do You Know What You’re Building…And Why You’re Building It?
May 23, 2022

I didn't know. No one had ever told me how what starts with good intentions, can morph and grow into something you never meant for it to be.

Did Anyone Tell You: May 2022
May 16, 2022

Every now and again, you need a conversation the meanders. You know the kind? It starts at A, but ends up at Z without clear directives on how exactly we there. These Did Anyone Tell You episodes with