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Power After Hours: Episode 401 Recap – “When I Get Out”
June 27, 2017

The BEST Power Podcast is back for Season 4! Jeff and Krissy discuss the wildest moments from this episode including Ghost’s struggling behind bars, Tommy leading the new drug organization, Tariq’s lies, Kanaan’s true motives,

CultureSlam Episode 10: Mansplaining In The Bank
June 22, 2017

The Internet exploded after James Ellsworth captured the WOMEN’S Money In The Bank Briefcase and handed the win to Carmella. Fans were disgusted by a man securing the briefcase, other applauded WWE’s evocative finish.

CxW Episode 09: T’Challa and a Dream
June 16, 2017

The team is back for another episode of CxW! This week, we talk John Cena’s Free agency, spill a spot on tea about JoJo-Bray, geek out over Wonder Women, the new Black Panther Trailer, and Jeff goes on a rant about news outlets promoting major spoilers...

CxW Episode 8: The Wonder Women of Money In The Bank
June 01, 2017

This week the team takes the CxW Podcast to the Extreme! In Wrestling News, we discuss A British snack food company using Chris Benoit as the face of their ad campaign (seriously), Cody defending Goldust vs. Jobber claims, Best of the Super Juniors,

CxW Episode 7: Maharaja Talk
May 25, 2017

There’s a new MAHARAJA in town, and we’re here to talk about it! This week on CxW, we discuss the ongoing Broken Universe War between the Hardy’s and Impact Wrestling, The Women’s Money In The Bank Match, Goldust & Shattered Dreams Productions taking i...

CxW Episode 6: Orton Knows Less
May 18, 2017

Wrestling news took a……DIVE this week as the team had plenty to discuss. We start the show by talking about ROH/NJPW War of the Worlds and our appreciation for the Super-Saiyan of the Squared Circle, Will Ospreay [1:35].

Episode 6: Black Culture Cosplay
May 15, 2017

We’re back with another episode of Nonstop Culture! I’m joined by Joi [@Jumpedforjoi] once again, as I needed a fellow New Yorker to discuss growing up in NYC [1:00] and some of the crazy NY Stories of the past week,

CxW Episode 5: The Kings of Leon Slayer
May 11, 2017

Everybody wanna be WWE, but don’t nobody wanna be WWE That’s the theme for this week as pro wrestling has been emulated and excoriated equally across pop culture. Jeff, Bre, Marcus and Chris Mac talk about the future WWE Women’s Champion and child of B...

CxW Episode 4: Great Balls Of Fyre Fest x Wonder Women’s DEFENDERS
May 04, 2017

Don’t worry, you don’t need $12,000 and illusions of Ja Rule grandeur to enjoy the CxWPod! We discuss the news around the Wrestling web [1:30] including Adam Cole’s Free Agency and NJPW’s Super Juniors Tournament brackets,

CxW Episode 3: The Big WWE Payback Prediction Show
April 27, 2017

This week the team gives their predictions for WWE Payback. We also discuss CM Punk joining The Challenge on MTV, The Miz’s aspirations to play Booster Gold, Gotham and Metropolis come to Abu Dhabi, The new DC Digital Streaming service,