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Nonprofit Investment Stewards

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Episode 39 – First Quarterly Quick Take of 2022: Key Market Updates with Brad Long
March 09, 2022

With looming interest rate hikes, market corrections, and ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, it’s time for our first Quarterly Quick Take of 2022. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak with

Episode 38 – How Nonprofits Should Manage Large Cash Inflows with David Piccerelli
February 23, 2022

There may come a time when your nonprofit experiences a large inflow of cash. For some organizations, this happens when they’re not expecting it at all! In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis sp

Episode 37 – Predictions for 2022 That Can Affect Your Investment Portfolio with Bob Doll
February 09, 2022

Inflation, interest rates, upcoming midterm elections… There are so many variables that can impact your nonprofit’s investment portfolio in 2022. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak wit

Episode 36 – Amplify Your Impact Through Strategic Philanthropy with Caren Yanis
January 26, 2022

When you’re strategic with your philanthropy and strive for efficiency within your organization, you can do more good with less money. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak with Caren Yan

Episode 35 – The Current Investment Environment: Where Do We Stand? Where Are We Headed? with Matt Rice
January 12, 2022

Are stocks overpriced and about to tank? How will rising inflation impact your portfolio? How might the pandemic continue to impact the economy? Find the answers to these questions in this episode, as

Episode 34 – Investment Insights From a Global Religious Congregation with Jim Thomas
January 05, 2022

Today, we have Jim Thomas, the CFO of the Clerics of Saint Viator, share timely investment insights for nonprofit investment leaders! The Clerics of Saint Viator is an international Roman Catholic rel

Episode 33 – Future Outlook on Equity Markets (2021 Year-end Updates) with David Bianco
December 15, 2021

As the calendar flips to a new year, are you curious about what to expect from equity markets — both in the USA and globally? In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis are joined by David Bianco, C

Episode 32 – Become a Confident Leader with Dr. Karyn Gordon
November 24, 2021

Dr. Karyn Gordon has rightly said, “Great leaders drive communication, performance, and engagement.” But how can you become a great leader at your nonprofit organization? In this episode, Bob DiMeo an

Episode 31 – Behind the Scenes of a Successful Foundation with Jay Ruderman
November 10, 2021

Are you looking for proven strategies to help your foundation thrive? In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak with Jay Ruderman, president of the Ruderman Family Foundation. Jay reveals pri

Episode 30 – One Year Anniversary Special
October 27, 2021

It’s been a year since Nonprofit Investment Stewards was launched! A big thank you to all our wonderful listeners and guests who have been a part of this journey. In this special episode, Bob DiMeo an