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Nomads of Tomorrow

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The Return
August 24, 2022

Welcome everyone back to another season of The Nomads of Tomorrow Podcast! Excited to continue share peoples stories and continue this podcast for everyone to listen in an enjoy and motivate! A lot of new episodes are coming your way and excited to here f

Trials and Success of One Man
July 02, 2020

Andy Velasco talks to us about his story and what kept him motivated and pushing even when times got tough, lets take a moment to comprehend that everyones path is different or even sometimes alike , what matters is we share our story to motivate others j

Routine of a Realtor
May 20, 2020

Geoffrey Rodil shares with us his story on growing into his current career and we get to learn new ways to tackle daily life for not just a realtor but for everyone.  Follow him on instagram: @geoffrodil  --- This episode is sponsored by ·

Legacy and Memories
May 13, 2020

We get insight on pro soccer player Akwafei Ajeakwa journey and the creation of his legacy. Also the meaning behind Pala Design and Mahwa Studios.  Follow him on instagram at these pages : @akwafei_  @paladesign @mahwastudios --- This episode

Courage of an Esthetician
May 06, 2020

Jenn Calvillo share her story on how a leap of faith had a turn for the best not only for her career but for her own self development as a person and business owner.  Follow Jenn on instagram at : --- This e

An Advocate of Peace
April 29, 2020

Gabby Orozco dives into her journey of her trials and tribulations of being a young Latina woman pursing her goals and how the events in her life changed her into the person she is today. We get insight into what Denim Day is & how we can show support

Rise n Grind
April 21, 2020

Kevin Paniagua talks about his journey into business of owning his barbershop 'Rise n Grind Barbershop'. Also speaks upon the current situations with him being a business owner and the current pandemic that's affecting the world.  Follow him on insta

Journal Entry of Self Love
March 09, 2019

Episode 5 of "Nomads of Tomorrow. Guest Speaker: Geraldine Goicochea From acting as a reporter as a child to being on scene with KTLA5 . We are welcomed into the journey of Geraldine and her passion of journalism as well as discovering the meaning behind

Igniting Goals to Music
March 07, 2019

Episode 4 of "Nomads of Tomorrow. Guest Speaker: George Bannura We are welcomed to a day in a producer as well as the journey and choices made by George in his path through becoming a producer. From being in a band to releasing his first album. Follow Hi

Movie Reviews with a Screenwriter
February 27, 2019

Episode 3 of "Nomads of Tomorrow. Guest Speaker: Mike Peters. A life of a screenwriter brings the power of imagination and emotion to not only paper but moving pictures. As we tap into the life of Mike and his journey to writing his first screen play to