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Behind the Cut – Christmas Miscellany 5
December 31, 2021

It was a strange year, but also a productive year for Not About Lumberjacks. As we close out 2021, some thoughts on the year that was…and some hopes for the year ahead… Episode Transcript >>

Christmas Miscellany 5
December 23, 2021

Four stories, most of which take place during the holiday season… “Stories of Fine Taste”: The stories behind two recipes (“Grandma’s Olive Loaf” – Something wicked is back in Kirkland’s Holler) and (

Behind the Cut – In Cypress Slough
December 13, 2021

“In Cypress Slough” includes two gay characters, but it’s not a story about being gay in East Texas. In this behind-the-scenes look at the latest Not About Lumberjacks story, I talk about representati

In Cypress Slough
November 24, 2021

Two deadhead loggers find something remarkable in the Piney Woods of East Texas, putting them at odds with a large timber company. Content Advisory: In Cypress Slough deals with bullying, violence (in

Behind the Cut – Milkboy
October 16, 2021

While “Milkboy” is based on a true story, it definitely ends up a work of fiction. When I started the story, I had no idea where to take it. Discovering what to do with the story led to a ridiculous a

October 01, 2021

Milkboy is based on a true story… When two friends use a bulletin board system to create an online persona to tease their best friend, they get more than they have coming to them for their deception.

Behind the Cut – Calling Out of Time
August 12, 2021

“Calling Out of Time” started with a tweet. Without a random thing I saw on Twitter, it’s unlikely this story would exist. Ideas are everywhere if you’re open to them, but it’s not as easy as picking

Calling Out of Time
August 02, 2021

What would you do if you could call back in time and leave a message to your younger self? When Amir discovers a phone booth that seems to magically appear on the corner in his neighborhood, he does e

Behind the Cut – A Deathly Mistake
July 09, 2021

“A Deathly Mistake” ended up becoming one of my favorite episodes of Not About Lumberjacks. In this behind-the-scenes look, I discuss how it was a bit of a departure from other stories I’ve written fo

A Deathly Mistake
June 23, 2021

When Death mistakenly harvests the soul of the wrong John Smith, John’s life–and After Life–are forever changed. Also, I mentioned that I’d leave a link to Jennifer Moss’s mighty novel, Town Red. Here