We're No Experts

We're No Experts

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Episode 93 - The We're-No-Experssance
March 02, 2023

Wait...this can't be right--a signal? On this old channel? "Welcome back..."--could it be the return of We're No Experts?! There's only one way to find out, loyal subscriber!

Rerun - Episode 11 - Strictly for My Neighbors
December 09, 2021

What's it take to get you out of the house? We discuss a bunch of local stuff, and Jonathan coughs incessantly.

Rerun - Episode 9 - Sometimes You Want to Live Where Everybody Knows Your Name
November 25, 2021

What TV show would you most like to live in? Partially inspired by the neverending Cheers rewatch.

Rerun - Episode 8 - We're Norm Experts
November 11, 2021

Talked quite a bit about norms in this one, with particular emphasis on bathroom norms. The secret origin of the Bathroom Break.

Rerun - Episode 7 - Be All That You Can Let Yourself Be
October 28, 2021

Regarding lying to kids: What are the ethics of just letting your kids win? Is it ever really wrong to grind your kids to dust for daring to step to their parents?

Rerun - Episode 6 - Planes, Trains, and...Submarines?
October 14, 2021

Bask in the glory of our first truly inane prompt: Would you rather spend the rest of your life on a plane that can't land or a submarine that can't surface?

Rerun - Episode 5 - Which Came First: The Rabbit or the Egg?
September 30, 2021

A very timely repeat of an Easter classic, in which we try to figure out why rabbits and eggs are associated with Easter without just looking it up.

Rerun - Episode 4 - The Five Million Dollar Question
September 16, 2021

You find five million bucks. Is it a good thing or a huge hassle? What are you gonna do with it?

Rerun - Episode 3 - I Ain't Afraid of No Aliens...or Am I?
September 02, 2021

The warm embrace of hiatus surrounds us still. If aliens invited you to come sail away, would you take them up on the offer?

Rerun - Episode 2 - Passing in the Past
August 19, 2021

Hiatus continues! How far back could you travel in the past and pass as a native of that time?