Nobody But Yourself

Nobody But Yourself

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010_Divorcing AT A young aGe
July 22, 2020

Brooke joins us again to discuss her journey with divorcing at a young age. Even if you have never gone through a divorce, this episode explains how you can support your loved ones as they go through the journey.

009_Finding Your Identity as a New Mom
July 07, 2020

Brittany joins us on this episode to share her story of becoming a mom. After the foggy newborn stage, she started questioning is diapers and play dates all she has for the rest of her life. She has always dreamed of being a mom and loved it,

008_Growing Up Black in America
June 16, 2020

On this episode, Merle joins us to share his story of what it is like to grow up Black in America. Personally, I found his perspective very intriguing as his parents chose to homeschool him. Not only did they teach him about the great Black men and wom...

007_Turning Your Passion Into A Successful Business
June 09, 2020

Brooke’s passion for art led her to photography which is where she found her calling to start Brooke Ziegler Photography. In this episode, Brooke shares with us the ups and downs of starting a business and knowing when to make the transition from a sid...

006_finding Your Purpose
May 28, 2020

Danielle joins me on today's show to discuss how to find your purpose in life. To give you a little taste.... it starts with being curious and trying new things as well as looking back and seeing what trends there have been throughout your life.

005_How To find your identity when there are two of you
May 13, 2020

My good friend and workout accountability partner, Ekta, joins the show to tell us how to find your identity when you are a twin. And yes, this photo is of them. Aren't they the cutest! She shares how the first major thing she did different than he...

004_Quarantine is hard for kids too
April 29, 2020

My friend, Marc, shares with us about the reality of being a parent in this season of COVID-19. He gives us some great tools to help your kids navigate their emotions (and adults too!) in response to all of this sudden change to their normal routine.

003_Health and Fitness Look Different For Everyone
April 22, 2020

My good friend, Torie, talks about her career switch from sales to something more fulfilling which for her is becoming a fitness coach. Her passion for fitness comes from her personal journey with health. One day,

002_Navigating Quarter or midlife Crisis
April 22, 2020

My husband, Corey, and I talk about how it is normal to have a good job, a loving family, nice things and still feel like something is missing. We talk about how wanting more out of life looks different for everyone. Specifically,

001_The Messages That Tamed Me
April 20, 2020

Mandy Fisher shares the 9 messages she heard growing up from society and the church that tamed her into the person they wanted her to be. She explains how we start hearing these messages as a child and we carry them into adulthood and make decisions ba...