NJCPA IssuesWatch Podcast

NJCPA IssuesWatch Podcast

Latest Episodes

70: New Jersey Political and Economic Update
May 11, 2021

Jeff talks with Tony Russo about politics and the economy in New Jersey

69: Small Business Update: ARP, Taxes and More
April 27, 2021

Jeff talks with Holly Wade about the overall outlook for the small business sector

68: Energy Master Plan: Little-Known But Costly Initiative for New Jerseyans
April 13, 2021

Jeff talks with Regina Egea and Mike Butler about New Jersey's Energy Master Plan

67: An Important Discussion About the NJ BAIT
March 30, 2021

Jeff talks with Alan Sobel about the ongoing issues with the implementation of the NJBAIT.

66: New Jersey Budget Analysis
March 16, 2021

Jeff talks with two policy experts about Governor Murphy's proposed budget for the 2022 fiscal year.

65: The Pandemic and Payroll: Errors All Employers Should Avoid
March 02, 2021

Guest host Don Meyer talks with Kathleen Caminiti about the five major areas where employers can avoid making mistakes.

64: The Yin and Yang of the Stock Market and the Economy
February 12, 2021

Jeff talks with Paul Robertson about why the stock market is doing so well with the economy in such peril.

63: The State of New Jersey’s Minority-Owned Businesses
February 02, 2021

Jeff talks with John Harmon and Carlos Medina about New Jersey's Minority-Owned Businesses

62: Biden and Businesses: What to Expect
January 19, 2021

Jeff talks with Ben Dowrkin about what businesses can expect during the first year of the Biden Administration.

61: COVID-19 Relief Package Rundown
December 23, 2020

Jeff talks with Travis Miskowitz who provides a rapid breakdown of the new COVID-19 Relief Package