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92: Honest Conversations about Web3 and Crypto with Crypto Wendy O
March 14, 2023

In this episode of the NFT Talk Show Podcast, we are joined for a chat by Crypto Wendy O. Crypto Wendy O is the host of The O Show where she brings on special guests, does live streams and takes chart

91: Exploring Mixed Media Art with Ashira
March 09, 2023

Mixed media art refers to a form of art-making that incorporates multiple materials and techniques, such as paint, collage, found objects, and digital elements. It allows for a wide range of creative

90: Art for Advocacy: Raising Awareness in Web3 about Dwarfism with KGKH Art (Gi-Gi)
March 07, 2023

This women's history month, we are highlighting Gi-Gi, a visual artist and illustrator who creates intricate Mola art. She has also used her art to raise awareness about Dwarfism. She recently created

89: WTF is Post Photography AI? AI Art is NOT Photography
February 28, 2023

What's the deal with the recent trend of labeling AI-generated artwork as "Post Photography"? Is AI art capable of standing on its own without being associated with another genre? These are some of th

88: The Importance of Photojournalism on the Blockchain – with Leslie Spurlock
February 23, 2023

Leslie Spurlock, a gifted photographer who works for Zuma Press and is also a storm chaser and humanitarian, has been capturing breathtaking images around the world. With her unique style and one-of-a

87: Is Clout The Drug Of Choice In Web3?
February 22, 2023

Within the realm of Web3, the visibility of talented individuals has become a concerning matter. It has evolved into a space where the loudest voices are heard and seen, while those who lack a signifi

86: Inclusivity and Art in Web3 with The BlkChain Founder, Sian Morson
February 21, 2023

With a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, The BlkChain is dedicated to making it easier for creators to showcase their work and for collectors to discover and appreciate it. They recognized

85: Web3 & NFT Art: Conversation with Award Winning Photographer Nomadic Frame
February 15, 2023

Nomadic Frame is an award winning Photographer who has found a passion for Web3. Their goal is to capture the essence of nomadic life and the beauty of the natural world through a unique style that bl

84: Web3 & NFT Art: Conversation with Nature Photographer and Photojournalist Mellodora
February 15, 2023

Mellodora is a nature photographer and photojournalist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photography has always been her passion, and she has been in contact with cameras since she was a young child.

83: Will NFTs Go Mainstream?
January 12, 2023

The question on many web3 minds is when will NFTs go mainstream? Can NFTs go mainstream? In this episode, I discuss some of the ways NFTs could possibly go mainstream. I also talk about the challenges