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The Next Step

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Succeeding in Mask Management
November 01, 2013

Next Step #282: The Halloween Edition of the podcast on Armodoxy. In this episode - follow up to Glendale's restriction on free-speech - Fr. Vazken gets a call. All Saints Day and Halloween. Identity in a Global Community - delineating between ethnic and

Kinetic Update via Artsakh
October 24, 2013

Next Step #281: Fr. Vazken prepares for the annual walk against Domestic Violence through the streets of Glendale & Burbank. Hear his thoughts as organizations and political parties turn their heads from the menacing and ugly realities in the communit

Correcting the P-Correctness of "Jesus"
October 18, 2013

Next Step #280: When Glendale (California) Attorney tells Fr. Vazken he can't use the name of Jesus Christ in a public forum it's more than an annoyance of political correctness. A look at the constitutional right and freedom to free speech, the separatio

Social Doctrine on the Shoe
October 11, 2013

Next Step #279: Moving forward from the Bishop Synod, a look at matters of social doctrine. A review of "In His Shoes" as a philosophy and a natural solution/alternative to victim-based strategies of life. Holy Etchmiadzin's Department looking at Social D

Disappointment to Purpose
October 03, 2013

Next Step #278: The historic Bishop's Synod of the Armenian Church, took place behind closed doors as is the perogative of the overseers of the Church. Here's a follow-up to last weeks' look at the Synod, filled with frustrations for us looking-in, but al

Business as Usual? Or Just the Plan?
September 26, 2013

Next Step #277: A first look at the Bishop's Synod in Etchmiadzin, along with background info on the catholicoi at the dias. A special treat for listeners with a uncovered gift to celebrate Fr. Vazken's anniversary. The evolution and synthesis of Armenian

Buildings and Building Faith
September 19, 2013

Next Step #276: Developing on a sermon he gave about mythology and Light, Fr. Vazken separates the power of Christ from Old Testament mythology. He sets up an antenna to catch the sounds that transcend time and space. He challenges listeners to find Chris

Thought Process toward Peace
September 12, 2013

Next Step #275: Fr. Vazken takes the listeners on a thought process regarding war and peace. It's absurd to believe that violence against violence will breed peace, but it's equally as absurd to believe that love and goodness against acts of violence can

The Better Candle
September 05, 2013

Next Step #274: Lighting a candle is much better than cursing the darkness. Fr. Vazken looks at two darknesses - cancer (breast) and war (Syria) in this light. He follows the light from Jesus to us, and our responsibility to be beacons of peace and love.

Dreaming Beyond a Speech and into Syria
August 30, 2013

Next Step #273: 50 years after Rev. Dr. Martin Luther Kings Jr's "I have a Dream Speech," Fr. Vazken shares some thoughts and offers a challenge to dream of peace - bringing about peace without the use of violence. With the imminent threat of war in Syria