Live Talk with Dwayne Moore

Live Talk with Dwayne Moore

How to Take Our Worship Outside the Church Walls

November 23, 2018

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Excerpt from an interview with Dr. Herb Armentrout during one of our recent Worship Leader Coaching Sessions.
Herb Armentrout: I love this. I’m fired up about sharing some things here. We know that worship is our first priority but born out of our passionate expression of worship, we must share the love of Christ outside the walls of our church. It goes back to that thing that the measure of our worship is what we do outside the walls of the church.
The passage upon which your book, Pure Praise, is based, Dwayne, I think says so much to me and to all of us about how we as musicians are called to lead the charge in kingdom advancement. We talked about that a lot, so that is a culture that we work to develop here over very intentionally over hears. It starts as I said with a personal heart burn for the lost, because if we don’t have it, it’s difficult to encourage that.
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We discussed God's call in our, to us just as believers to follow Christ in sharing his love, and then we discussed the reality that the reality is that in our culture, people are not beating down the doors of our church. There's people all around us who are dying, and going to hell while we're worshiping comfortably.
We just began to ask God, where can we begin as musicians to share our faith in Christ through word and song. Though, here's some things that we've done in terms of preparation for going outside the walls of the church. One of them is we have every single group, every single group I think, without exception. We do an annual evangelism training. It's not like you come on a Sunday afternoon for two hours. It really is kind of woven into about two or three rehearsals, about the same time each year, and we learn every year, or review a plan for sharing our faith. ABCs of salvation. Four spiritual laws. Roman Road.
Normally I would tie that training into a pre-mission trip. It's different times because the groups go on mission trips, but we also do it with our senior adult choir, who mostly ministers locally. We talk about how to have conversation segues that will work either day to day or on mission trips or we can move from, talk to them about everyday common things to having a spiritual conversation.
We're talking about this at least once a year, and the hope is, for high school choir, like in four years, the kid's going to know four different ways to share their faith, four different plans. One of them, is probably going to stick, because I, you know what? I can do the Roman Road. I can remember four, I can remember four scriptures. In regard to mission trips, we just remind kids and all of our folks that missions is a lifestyle. It's not an event. We're hoping that folks connect the dots between what we do as a choir outside or whatever the music team is outside the church to our everyday life.
We talked about this one year. I think we were headed to Washington DC with our high school choir. The goal was Washington DC,