Next Podcast: The Wealth Management Firm of the Future

Next Podcast: The Wealth Management Firm of the Future

The Wealth Management Firm of the Future: Lifeworks’ Ron Bullis

July 07, 2022

The most successful firms in the wealth management industry over the next five years will likely be those firms that have a true command on their technology, a defined and unique client experience — and ultimately can deliver hyper-targeted services to their core markets. 

Lifeworks — an up-and-coming RIA with a built-in technology team that is directly aligned with its advisors — is clearly charting a path as a firm to watch, now, and over the next several years. 

In this inaugural episode of the NEXT Podcast, Mark Bruno, Managing Director at Informa Wealth Management, speaks with Ron Bullis, CEO of Lifeworks Advisors, on his firm’s strategy, business model and ability to build technology that is aligned with the largest  growth opportunities in wealth management. 

More specifically, Mark and Ron discuss:

  • The challenges of delivering “hyper personalized” portfolios while increasing the number of clients
  • The role of technology in creating seamless client experiences and digital marketing
  • How Lifeworks defines a positive client experience and evaluates client experiences
  • How Lifeworks is benchmarking and measuring its cutting edge client acquisition strategies
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

After spending nearly a decade at a large insurance company, Ron Bullis broke away from his successful career and started Lifeworks Advisors in 2017 with 0 clients and $0 in revenue.

Since then, Lifeworks has become one of the fastest-growing wealth management firms in the country, now managing $150 million of assets and overseeing hundreds of clients.

In 2019, on top of serving clients, Ron directed Lifeworks to begin creating their own software that would vastly improve the advisor-client relationship.