New Thinking, a Center for Court Innovation Podcast

New Thinking, a Center for Court Innovation Podcast

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What Do We Know About Community Service?
November 08, 2019

Community service has long been a staple of sentencing in the U.S., and has long enjoyed a sunny, mostly uninterrogated, reputation as a more restorative and humane alternative to fines and fees or short-term jail.

Ending Bail, Closing Rikers: How Change Happens
October 15, 2019

The movements to end cash bail and close jails are connected, and gabriel sayegh has been in the thick of organizing both fights. The co-executive director of the Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice explains why he thinks New York’s impending ...

‘Jail-Attributable Deaths’
September 25, 2019

As chief medical officer for New York City jails, Homer Venters realized early in his tenure that for many people dying in jail, the primary cause of death was jail itself. To document these deaths, Venters and his team created a statistical category n...

Art vs. Mass Incarceration
September 04, 2019

Can art transform the criminal justice system? On this special edition of New Thinking, host Matt Watkins sits down with two New York City artists on the rise—Derek Fordjour and Shaun Leonardo—who both work with our Project Reset to provide an arts-bas...

Beyond the Algorithm: Risk and Race
August 14, 2019

**episode originally aired in October 2018** About two out of three people in local jails are being held awaiting trial, often because they can’t afford bail. What if a mathematical formula could do a more objective job of identifying who could be safe...

The Art and Science of Reducing Violence
July 10, 2019

In 2017, more than 17,000 people were murdered in the United States, most of them in cities. Thomas Abt, a long-time policy-maker and researcher, says that far from intractable, there are proven ways to reduce the violence,

Marilyn Mosby, Karl Racine: “We’re Talking About Humans”
June 21, 2019

With so much of the focus now on keeping people out of jail and prison, it can feel like there is a reluctance among criminal justice reformers to work on improving life for the more than two million people already there.

Prosecutor Power: Scott Hechinger on the Urgency of Reform
June 06, 2019

If you’re not following Scott Hechinger on Twitter, you’re missing something important. A public defender and the director of policy at Brooklyn Defender Services, Hechinger is a fantastic explainer and participant-witness at the frontlines of the just...

The Pathological Politics of Criminal Justice
May 22, 2019

Rachel Barkow contends criminal justice policy is a “prisoner of politics,” driven by appeals to voters’ worst instincts and an aversion to evidence of what actually works. Defined by its severity and unfairness, the criminal justice system, she says,

Emily Bazelon: When Power Shifts
May 01, 2019

The well-known journalist and commentator Emily Bazelon talks about her new book, Charged, on the “movement to transform American prosecution,” and where she thinks power might be shifting in the criminal justice system.