New Money Review podcast

New Money Review podcast

Law plays catch-up with cybercrime

January 14, 2021

Dan Hyde, a partner at UK-based law firm Harrison Clark Rickerbys, specialises in emerging technology. His beat includes artificial intelligence, robotics, the internet of things, quantum computing, cryptocurrency and distributed ledgers.

“I really got interested in the regulation of disruptive tech about a decade ago,” he tells New Money Review editor Paul Amery in our latest podcast.

“It became clear to me that, going forward, there were big gaps in the law around the regulation of data, cyber and tech. That led me into research and writing.”

Hyde, who is also a visiting professor at Queen Mary’s college, University of London, wrote the first book on how English law should deal with cybersecurity and handle the trickier areas of data protection.

Hyde then started to look at the international regulation of blockchain and distributed ledger technology and how to harmonise the rules for cryptocurrency across jurisdictions—a prospect that still seems far off.

“Blockchain and cryptocurrency are changing the world and changing the law with it,” Hyde says in the podcast, where he also talks about:

  • The different global approaches to regulating data and cybercrime
  • The US readiness to prosecute foreign cybercriminals
  • The evolution of policing and police procedures
  • Information silos and challenges to law enforcement
  • FinCEN files and the role of banks in money laundering

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