New Money Review podcast

New Money Review podcast

To be human is to deceive

December 10, 2020

Humans have an innate ability to deceive. And nowhere is this skill put to more powerful effect than in the world of money.

Financial fraud is the specialist subject of Dan Davies, author of ‘Lying for Money’ and our guest on the latest New Money Review podcast, ‘the future of money in 30 minutes’.

“I had a ring-side seat at some of the biggest frauds there have ever been,” says Davies, a former regulator and investment banker.

In the podcast, Davies tells New Money Review editor Paul Amery why there will always be some level of fraud in the economy, why all financial frauds fall into one of four categories and why we may be living in the golden age of financial deception.

Listen to the podcast to hear about:

  • Why it’s pointless to try and eradicate fraud

  • From long firm to market crime—the four categories of financial fraud

  • Coronavirus and the golden age of fraud

  • Wirecard and how most tech fortunes were built on deception

  • Why trust is cheap and fallible