New Money Review podcast

New Money Review podcast


November 19, 2019

There’s a secret country out there that’s invisible to most of us. It’s called Moneyland.

This country doesn’t discriminate against outsiders. It’s open to anyone, so long as they can afford the entrance fee.

It’s very big and very important – the country may contain an eighth of all the wealth in the world.

It’s a virtual place. You can’t find it on the map.

But it’s also a very real, physical place. The person right next to you, right now, might be living in Moneyland.

The house next door might be in Moneyland, even though it has a street name and number just like yours.

Moneyland is where the world’s super-rich, its most powerful businessmen, its best-connected politicians and its cleverest criminals all hang out.

How can we begin to understand this place, which we can’t really see or measure?

Oliver Bullough, an award-winning writer and my guest on this New Money Review podcast, can help us answer that question.