New Money Review podcast

New Money Review podcast

How the Stoics saw money

June 05, 2024

The Stoic philosophers said we should manage our emotions when it comes to money and wealth.

But is this a realistic goal? How can we resist the siren call of riches? How can we persevere and stay positive through tough economic times?

In this episode of the New Money Review podcast I’m joined by Donald Robertson, philosopher, psychotherapist and author of best-selling books on how to apply Stoic principles to modern life.

In the podcast, we cover:

  • Who were the Stoics?
  • Why have we turned repeatedly to them over the centuries?
  • What explains the latest surge of interest in their ideas?
  • Stoicism and stoicism
  • Why the former is good and the latter is bad for your mental health
  • How Marcus Aurelius’s meditations speak to all of us
  • The Stoics’ sophisticated understanding of emotions
  • Why strong emotions cause cognitive biases
  • Why we are blind to our own biases
  • Stoic practices and modern methods of cognitive distancing
  • Stoic beliefs on wealth and money
  • Were the early Stoics communists?
  • How the Stoics could save democracy