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New Bark News: Gaming 11/24/19
November 25, 2019

In this week's episode, the NBN Crew discusses Black Friday deals, Microsoft's rally, even more Death Stranding news, Pokémon, potential IP revitalization and so much more, in the week of 11-18-2019 through 11-25-2019. New Bark News: Gaming is a weekly v.

New Bark News 11/9/19
November 09, 2019

Gaming News Podcasts have been given their own segments outside of other types of projects, thus they are now bite-sized! In this week's podcast Andrew is definitely not dead, and Logan discusses Black Friday deals, Sony's inner tensions, Death Stranding.

New Bark News Podcast 3/18/19: Google Entering the Game Market
March 18, 2019

When is the optimal time for new companies to enter the console market?.....or is the market itself just slowly dying?... New Bark News is a weekly video game podcast that follows the misadventures of Andrew and Company in the ever evolving world of gami.

New Bark News Podcast 3/10/19: Console Ports
March 10, 2019

Should we ask more out of our ports and HD remasters?.... New Bark News reports on the most recent articles in the gaming field 3-4 times a week covering everything from Nintendo and Playstation to upcoming indie games and soundtracking... I do not own n.

New Bark News 2/16/19: Pokemon Direct! Resident Evil on Switch! and More....
February 26, 2019

Topics: Pokemon Direct Announced- Resident Evil Games Coming to Switch!- 0:46

New Bark News Podcast 2/24/19: 20 Years Being Nintendo Fans
February 25, 2019

New Bark News is a weekly video game podcast that follows the misadventures of Andrew and Company in the ever evolving world of gaming I do not own nor do I claim to own any of the games with footage shown or any companies, games, etc. discussed or menti.

New Bark News 2/22/19: Xbox Game Pass on Switch? Reggie retiring from Nintendo? And More.....
February 23, 2019

Topics Reggie Retiring from Nintendo Atlas Surveys Hint at Persona Ports and More? - 0:47

New Bark News 2/20/19: New Switch Games Announced! Final Fantasy DLC cancelled?!? and More....
February 21, 2019

Topics: New Switch Games Revealed Final Fantasy DLC Cancelled - 1:38 Playstation Vita's stopping Production in Japan - 3:00https://www.gamesp.

New Bark News Podcast 2/17/19: The History of Gaming Trends
February 17, 2019

This week we talk about the trends that have consumed gaming developers from Pong in the late 70's up through Battle Royales today.... Intro Nintendo Direct Highlights - 0:25 New Releases This Week - 7:06 Hollow Knight Sequel - 12:50 Playstation Classic .

New Bark News 2/12/19: Nintendo Direct Confirmed! Playstation Classic $40! and more...
February 12, 2019

Topics Apex Legends Playstation Classic Price Drop- 2:42