New Englandwood-The Juston McKinney Podcast

New Englandwood-The Juston McKinney Podcast

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Coronavirus Hits My Town! Ep. 33
March 11, 2020

The Coronavirus touches my town of Newmarket and I am joined by the phone by comedian Joe Matarese who lives inside the New Rochelle, NY containment zone.

Jeff Koen Hangs Out Ep. 32
February 22, 2020

Jeff Koen hangs out. We catch up and talk about his big week coming sitting.

A Nightmare Heckler (HEAR THE AUDIO!) in NC. Ep. 31
February 14, 2020

The NH primary happened, a nightmare heckler in Asheville, NC and a ticket scam you MUST be aware of!

Snow Day & I Was Called A Jerk! Ep. 30
February 08, 2020

Recording this on a snow day in early February, I dropped a joke and not sure if it's the right decision, please let me know?! I was called a jerk by an angry viewer.

It's 2020! Ep. #29
January 28, 2020

Having trouble getting going this year.....

Right After a Pats Loss #28
December 14, 2019

Recorded right after the Pats loss to the Chiefs on "Sunday Night Football" because of some technical issues, it's just getting out now.  4th Show added at Music Hall in Portsmouth!

Back from Seattle #27
November 22, 2019

Just returned from Seattle and New Jersey....

November 06, 2019

NH Film Fest was a success for our film "Suck It Up".  I won a very unexpected "Granny" award for best NH performance. And I get an email back from LA....

Back From My Back Injury #25
October 14, 2019

Big news we got excepted into the NH Film Festival! I'm recovering from a very bad back injury.

"Suck It Up" The Movie #24
September 04, 2019

Director Marc Dole and my co-star Jeff Koen join me to talk about where we are in the process of short film, "suck It Up", which will hopefully lead to something BIG!