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It’s Always Media Thursday podcast: OOH, back to the office and special guest Zeotap’s Matt Barash
September 10, 2021

After a short summer break, NDA’s weekly podcast It’s Always Media Thursday returns, with NDA Editor Justin Pearse and Publisher Andy Oakes discussing developments in the digital media and marketing i

NDA PMU podcast: Mahalia Peake on what is brand language and the role of apologies?
September 07, 2021

Mahalia Peake, Copywriter at Amazon, discusses what is the role of apologies within brand language and why it is so important to get it right

NDA PMU podcast: Jules McGinlay on Customers… are they really always right?
September 02, 2021

Jules McGinlay, Head of Brand, PR and Comms at eDesk discusses whether or not customers are always right.

NDA PMU podcast: Allie Hunt on a new hire’s guide to virtual onboarding
August 27, 2021

Allie Hunt, Sales Enablement Manager at Permutive discusses virtual onboarding and starting a new position in a hybrid/virtual work environment.

NDA PMU podcast: Laura Douthwaite on gender neutral make up in the workplace
August 27, 2021

Laura Douthwaite, Campaign Manager at A Million Ads discusses if companies have an obligation to be more accepting of men wearing make up in the workplace.

NDA PMU podcast: Vicky French on how it’s time to quit CSR
August 26, 2021

Vicky French, Global Brand Media Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise discusses how it's time to quit CSR as the majority of brands use this to drive revenue and not change.

The NDA PMU podcast: Amanda Meade on diverse voices at corporate events
August 10, 2021

Amanda Meade, Marketing Manager, Events and Experience at Permutive, discusses diversity and inclusion as a core value at corporate events.

It’s Always Media Thursday: awards season, back to the office and the return of the serendipitous afternoon drink
August 05, 2021

NDA has launched a weekly podcast featuring Editor Justin Pearse and Publisher Andy Oakes discussing interesting, amusing and illuminating industry developments.