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Nerdisodes 31 - "16 Candles"
December 09, 2020

Monica has picked a fantastic Ambush Episode with 16 Candles. David has never seen it before and it's John Hughes first movie. It's a classic: full of problematic moments, 80's fashion and some great one liners. Join us!

NERDISODES 30 - "Con Air"
November 09, 2020

"You know what I am...?" "Ugly all day." Con Air may be David's all time guilty pleasure movie. Not a lot of logic, not the best acting, and some of the actors hated making the movie. This Ambush Epi

NERDISODES 29 – “Some Like It Hot”
September 12, 2020

This was a FANTASTIC podcast as Monica introduces David to the 1959 classic Some Like It Hot. Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe. David has never seen it before. And how did it go?

NERDISODE 28 – “Howard the Duck”
July 30, 2020

This movie has been super influential for more reasons than you realize. Here are two key points: 1) its the first Marvel Movie, and 2) it created Pixar. Listen to the podcast to hear more!

NERDISODE 27 – “The Black Hole”
July 03, 2020

With our new Disney+ account we can watch Disney classics CLASSICS. Disney movies that have truly dark edges to them. A great example of is when David makes Monica watch The Black Hole!! AMBUSH EPI

NERDISODE 26 – “A New Hope –Part 2”
June 12, 2020

After the Star Wars watching, and lets say there is another R2D2 fan in the universe.

NERSDISODE 26 - “A New Hope – Part 1”
May 09, 2020

Now, we talk with someone who has never seen Star Wars before (Kate) and what she thinks it will be about. We ask her about her expectations, what order all the Star Wars Movies should be in, and run some names by her … even though she has never...

NERDISODE 25 – “HSM – Part 2”
May 02, 2020

Weve NOW seen High School Musical for the first time and listen to David Nerd Rage! Not really. It hits the mark, and the person who champions the movie (Kate) is the England even though the movie

NERDISODE 25 – “HSM – Part 1”
April 18, 2020

Our friend, Kate Swift (Mischief Managed Improv) joins us for a MOVIE MATCH OFF. We pit two movies against each other. One Kate has never seen, and one Monica and I have never seen. We watched: HIGH

NERDISODE 24 – “Best Episode to Watch in These Times #Covid19 – PART 2”
April 05, 2020

The second part of this series. We get onto Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Stay safe. Love you all. Connect to others.