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Negotiators Podcast

GPS Voice - Karen Jacobsen with Derek Arden

July 13, 2022

In this Monday Night Live interview – Derek Arden finds out how Karen Jacobsen became the GPS Voice Girl.

Find out how Karen Jacobsen became the GPS Voice girl, where she gets her ideas to write songs and how you can copy her model.

Karen is described on google as “An Australia-born and New York-based entertainer, singer, motivational speaker, voice-over artist and songwriter”.

We hear about Karen’s Inspiration Olivia Newton-John and finally the joy of meeting her.

Karen’s voice is on the phones of over 400 million people. She is the voice of Siri and GPS. She probably is in your phone. Hear and watch her tonight, “live and uncut”

Karen’s brand revolves around the word “RECALCULATING” which she believes has been used more times than any other word in cars

It can be a great question to ask yourself. How often are you off track and should be asking yourself to RECALCULATE where you are going?

Derek Arden

Karen Jacobsen