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Negotiators Podcast

Celebrity Service – Derek Arden Web Chat With Geoff Ramm

April 16, 2020

Celebrity Service

Derek Arden's 'Work From Home' webchat.

We have one of the UK’s best business and inspirational speakers, Geoff Ramm.

Geoff is an expert on sales and marketing and travels the world speaking on about his brand, “Celebrity Service”.

He asks why would any service business treat, David Beckham any differently to Mrs Bloggs. If you treat everybody like a celebrity then watch your business grow!!!

EXTRACT (Imagine Sunderland Accent :-) )

Right now, and this is the question that I ask audiences all over the world. On a scale of one to 10, where would you rate your levels of service?If one is abysmal but 10 is incredible. what number would you give yourself right now?The vast majority of the world will say 8.We get sixes and fives we get nines, the vast majority will group themselves in the seven to eight category.What people are saying to me is Geoff we're pretty good or quite good. But there's always room for improvement.

Your Service: What would it take you to go from an eight to a nine, nine to a 10? What would it take you to go up one? And it's that one question? If your next customer client member, passenger, guests were in a-list celebrity. What would be the difference in service, what would you say, what would you do, how would you react, what would you wear, as all of us, you said about David Beckham is exactly the same thing. And I had this conversation with a hair salon business in Dublin, just a few weeks ago. And I said to somebody in the audience, I said what time do you close. She said six o'clock. I said, Okay. And I think I used Chris Hemsworth. And I said okay so if Chris Hemsworth was to fly to Dublin. But he emails you first and says, Look, I need to get my hair done I'm on a chat show tomorrow morning. But I don't arrive till half-past 10 tonight. I said, Would you still be open. She said Oh yes. And everybody started to laugh. And I said, Well, I'm here. Joe Bloggs, Geoff Ramm, Derek Arden. I'm gonna arrive at 1030 tonight. Would you still be able to help me? Quite often people say, Well, you know, NO. And there's a gap, there's a gap between what we think we can deliver as a great service, or what we could deliver. and that gap is called celebrity service.