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Negotiators Podcast

Lessons Learned from Triathlons – Hilary Briggs with Derek Arden

November 01, 2023

In this episode of Monday Night Live Podcast, Derek Arden engages with triathlete Hilary Briggs, a remarkable businesswoman, Join us as we delve into Hilary’s fascinating journey and discover the valuable insights she has gained along the way.

Hilary’s Early Life and Career

Hilary’s journey began in Workington, England, where she was born with a natural inclination for process improvement. Her father’s work in the nuclear industry led their family to Vienna, Austria, where she started her schooling. She then attended Manchester High School for Girls and went on to study engineering at the University of Cambridge. Her corporate career kicked off at Rover Group, followed by stints at Whirlpool and Laird Group in Germany, where she eventually became the CEO.

Transition to Triathlons

In recent years, Hilary’s life took an exciting turn when she ventured into the world of triathlons. She achieved a remarkable feat by winning a gold medal in the 2023 World Championships as part of TEAM GB in her age group. This transition from corporate leadership to competitive triathlons marked a new chapter in her life.

Lessons Learned from Triathlons

Hilary shares that her triathlon journey can be broken down into three key phases: motivation, action, and measurement. She emphasizes the importance of caring deeply about your goals, taking action, and continuously measuring your performance to stay motivated and make improvements.

Challenges Faced and Overcome

One of the challenges Hilary faced during her corporate career was her role in the male-dominated automotive industry, especially in Germany. She discussed the importance of trust-building and communication, even in situations where language barriers exist. Hilary’s experience in the triathlon world has taught her the value of being open to acknowledging problems and finding solutions, rather than dwelling on them.

Final Tips: It’s Never Too Late

Hilary encourages everyone to pursue their dreams and challenges the notion that it’s ever too late to start something new. She emphasizes the significance of focus and determination, stating that with these qualities, anyone can achieve remarkable feats. Excuses should be managed and put aside, as age should never be a limiting factor in pursuing one’s passions.

Join Hilary Briggs on her journey of continuous learning, growth, and inspiring achievements. Connect with her on LinkedIn to learn more about her experiences and insights.

In this captivating episode of Monday Night Live Podcast, Hilary Briggs shares her incredible journey from engineering to corporate leadership and ultimately winning a gold medal in triathlons. Her story teaches us that it’s never too late to chase our dreams and that with motivation, action, and continuous improvement, we can achieve remarkable success in any field. Join us in applauding Hilary’s inspiring journey and her valuable life lessons.

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