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Negotiators Podcast

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Face-To-Face Alongside Virtual World – Matt Crabtree
September 22, 2020

Matt Crabtree With Derek Arden 66th Web Chat Matt Crabtree discusses with Derek Arden -1 - Leadership post the lockdown2 - face to face meetings v virtually3 - New challenges of leadership4 - Positive momentum5 - Virtual conference6 - Your network i...

Modern Day Marketing: Confessions of a Shameless Self-promoter Patricia Fripp
September 15, 2020

Patricia Fripp With Derek Arden 64th Web Chat Modern-day Marketing: Confessions of a shameless self-promoter. Patricia Fripp with Derek on live chat show; edition number 64 Patricia who is one of the world's leading speaker coaches,

How To Tell Stories To Convince People – Alastair Greener and Derek Arden
September 09, 2020

Alastair Greener Share Stories With Derek Arden How to tell stories to convince people! Former Cruise Ship Director Alastair Greener shows us how to really tell stories to hold an audience's attention. Whether it's for fun,

Reading Body Language – Derek Arden
September 05, 2020

Derek Arden - Part 1 of Reading Body Language Reading body language. The keys to your success.The first in a two-part series by DerekThe key principles of Sensory awareness1st ImpressionsObservation skillsTurning your radar on to what they are sa...

Thriving On Change – Tim Durkin and Derek Arden
August 25, 2020

Derek Arden web chat with Tim Durkin Most people hate change as it unsettles them. Tim Durkin shares the secrets of handling and managing change at a time when change has never been so fast

Derek Arden: Win-Win Negotiations Pre and Post Covid
August 22, 2020

Derek Arden Presentation To Golden Gate Breakfast Club When the world changes and extraordinary times exist are Win-Win negotiations possible? The GGBC will benefit from Derek’s educational keynote that has been well received in 32 countries. ...

Marketing ABC and Pick Up Phone – Chantal Cornelius and Derek Arden
August 18, 2020

Derek Arden with Chantal Cornelius - Marketing Marketing expert and speaker Chantel Cornelius in interviewed by Derek Arden on Social media marketing, Older style marketing, Networking and many other techniques Do you want to grow your coaching,

From Survive To Strive – Phil Jesson with Derek Arden
August 11, 2020

Derek Arden with Phil Jesson talking about his Lockdown Book Phil Jesson wrote the book, "FROM SURVIVE TO THRIVE" in just 8 weeks during lockdown motivated by the actions of Captain Sir Tom Moore. All the proceeds go to the NHS and Phil has sold ...

Woodford, Regulators and Market Forecasts – Justin Urquhart-Stewart with Derek Arden
August 04, 2020

Derek Arden with Justin Urquhart-Stewart about Market Forecasts Media commentator Justin Urquhart-Stewart, the man with the red braces, the economy, the markets and the opportunities and threats in the next year.

Bitcoins – Think Tank Thoughts – Jeremy Wilson with Derek Arden
July 28, 2020

Derek Arden with Jeremy Wilson Jeremy Wilson is Chairman of the Whitechapel Think Tank: bitcoins, cryptocurrencies, libra, distributed ledger, digital currency - What is the future for all these new digital currencies.