Navigating the Cancer Maze Radio

Navigating the Cancer Maze Radio

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Navigating the Colo Rectal Cancer Maze with Professor Francis Seow Choen
March 29, 2018

The Journey from Cancer Patient to Famous Colorectal Surgeon - Today my special guest is Dr Francis Seow-Choen from Singapore. As a little boy he became medically famous when diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma; the first recorded case in Singapore.

Cancer Vaccines – A Survivor’s Story – Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage IV (part 1)
May 20, 2017 - Part 1. After winning the fight, Jeffrey Deslandes authored a book (left) "From Cancer Good Things Grow," about his remarkable recovery from cancer. -

The Art of SurvivorShip with Jeffrey Deslandes a Stage 1V non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor (Part 2)
May 19, 2017

Part 2. In my first interview with Jeffrey in 2014, we focussed on the recent release of his book, "From Cancer Good Things Grow", whose title describes quite a different take on the experience of cancer. -

Navigating the Safe Cancer Supplement Maze
May 18, 2017

Swiss Herbal Tonic-Strath Successfully Impacts Wellbeing Cancer Patients during Chemo and Radiation Therapy. - There is a lot to know about supplements for cancer patients undergoing conventional treatments.

Navigating the Brain Cancer Maze with Professor Rajiv Khanna
September 20, 2016

Promising Results From World-First Brain Cancer Trials - Professor Rajiv Khanna a leading researcher at The QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Brisbane, Australia; a world progressive translational research institute focused on cancer,

Navigating the Breast Cancer Maze – A Patient’s Story
August 29, 2016

Navigating the Breast Cancer Maze – a Patient's story. Marnie interviewed by Cancer Navigator - Grace Gawler - Reference: eBook: “Women of Silence – The Emotional Healing of Breast Cancer” by Grace Gawler - Available in Hard copy or eBook -

Grace Gawler BBC Interview – Attitudinal Strategies for Survival
July 01, 2016

Grace Gawler - I first worked in the UK in 1993 at what was then the Bristol Cancer Help Centre. I was to return many times over the years ahead giving practitioner trainings and patient workshops. I was delighted to work with and present for the Lond...

Navigating the Cervical Cancer Maze with Professor Ian Frazer
May 20, 2016

I'm talking with one of Australia’s most celebrated medical research scientists; Professor Ian Frazer AC, FRS, FAACEO, 2006 Australian of the Year & Director of Research - Translational Research Institute, Brisbane Australia.

Navigate the Cancer Maze with Survivors Fran Drescher and Grace Gawler
April 04, 2016

Cancer Schmancer is name that one could easily associate with Fran Drescher; loved by millions for her television role as ‘The Nanny’, this humorous, elegant, beautiful, fun loving celebrity has a more serious side to her life and mission.

How Your Immune Body-Clock can assist Complete Remission
January 20, 2016

Grace Gawler interviews Martin Ashdown - Melb Oct 2014 - Could timing of cancer treatments be the missing link in delivery of cancer therapies? Sounds too simple to be true? Two cancer researchers Martin Ashdown & Brendon Coventry are "immunological e...