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NFL Offseason Predictions
August 06, 2019

On this episode, the guys talk about their favorite AFC and NFC teams. While talking football, Nash took a nap. He’ll be back next time.

Defending The Shield
July 29, 2019

We discuss the NFL. Spoiler alert: we don't agree. Voice Messages If you have thoughts, ideas, or questions, record them here, and they'll show up on the next episode.

Top Albums, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, The Weeknd, and Island Movies
July 22, 2019

We discuss what we've been listening to and what albums have come out this year. Richard introduces us to Rainbow Kitten Surprise, and we have a long discussion about The Weeknd. After the sponsor read, we start discussing our three island movies: "If you

Westbrook to the Rockets, Eastern Conference Preview
July 18, 2019

Westbrook has been traded to the Houston Rockets, but does his style of play fit on a team with a ball dominant James Harden? Are they contenders? The Eastern Conference has three strong teams, and then a huge drop off. Who are those teams? And Ben Simmon

Kawhi Saves the NBA, the Lakers Will Be Flawed, and Westbrook Needs a Home
July 10, 2019

On June 8, 2019, Casey, Richard, Nash, and Kip sat down for over an hour and recorded their first episode together in person. They discussed Kawhi, the Lakers, the Clippers, Westbrook and much more. They ended the episode with what they’ve been watching o

July 02, 2019

Our official first episode will be out soon! Please subscribe to the BUMNATION Podcast in any of your podcast apps. Please follow us on Twitter @BUMNATION_ Thanks!

Live From Free Agency
June 30, 2019

Richard and Nash launch the first BUMNATION podcast in emergency fashion, in the midst of NBA Free Agency Frenzy. Casey is offshore eating cookie cake, Richard freaks out in real time over the newest sharpshooter in the Big Easy, Nash pokes fun at Ben Sim

June 28, 2019

The introduction to BUMNATION, where Richard explains his friendship, does his first sponsor read, impersonates Casey, and Nash makes a little song about the podcast.

Walk In The Light
February 01, 2019

Thanks for tuning into nashpod. We just getting started. Bare with me as I build out the platform. These notes are automated. This track is from Invisible Man. Support nashpod. It all adds up.

The Mask Started To Glow
January 30, 2019

From The Mask album.