Talking Beasts: The Narnia Podcast

Talking Beasts: The Narnia Podcast

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The Narnia Movie Headlines That Made Fans Panic | Talking Beasts
August 17, 2019

Reflecting on news and rumors that landed while anticipating the Narnia movies.

Is Death Normal? | Talking Beasts
August 07, 2019

"Rilian," founder and co-host of this podcast, very suddenly lost his 2-year-old son on Saturday.

Top Performances in the Narnia Movies | Talking Beasts
July 17, 2019

Ranking our favorite actors in The Chronicles of Narnia movies.

The Humiliation of Bree and Rabadash | Talking Beasts
July 07, 2019

Wrapping up our discussion about The Horse and His Boy.

Coco Writer: Good or Bad Choice to Helm Netflix’s Narnia? | Talking Beasts
June 17, 2019

Thoughts on Matthew Aldrich as Narnia's "creative architect."

A Fresh Look at the Animated Narnia Movie | Talking Beasts
June 07, 2019

Is it better than the 2005 movie?

C. S. Lewis Wrote Unusual Battle Scenes | Talking Beasts
May 17, 2019

Discussing The Horse and His Boy, chapters 12-13.

Book to Screen: What Fans Really Want | Talking Beasts
May 07, 2019

What is a faithful adaptation?

Aslan, Shasta, and the Problem of Pain | Talking Beasts
April 07, 2019

Discussing one of the most beloved scenes in The Chronicles of Narnia.