Naked Conversations: Race, Culture, & Beyond

Naked Conversations: Race, Culture, & Beyond

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S7E7: Friendship Across Race with the Humanize Podcast Hosts
October 11, 2022

And this brings Season 7 to a close! For our final episode, we are joined by Humanize Podcast hosts Courthney Russell Jr. and Emily Braucher. These two use their podcast as a platform for social justi

S7E6: Race & Roe Overturned
October 04, 2022

We are vacillating between resignation and rage in the wake of the Roe v. Wade decision. We recorded this episode on June 28. This is a heavy and raw conversation. You will hear us dive into uncomfort

S7E5: The What and Why of Truth and Reconciliation
September 27, 2022

"Own the history, tell the truth, sit with the discomfort. Since our chat with Amy Hunter last week, we havent been able to stop thinking about Truth and Reconciliation. In this episode we take a d

S7E4: Amy Hunter on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Work
September 20, 2022

Not everything Ive tried has worked, I just have forgotten about the things that didnt work. - Amy Hunter This woman will blow your mind. We are so blessed to have had this conversation with Amy H

S7E3: Dr. Andrea Kane on Racism, Education, and Hope
September 13, 2022

We are joined today by none other than THE Dr. Andrea M Kane, one of the most courageous & bold women we know, working tirelessly to transform the public education system. Wow, you are in for a treat.

S7E2: Rita Brent: On Being a Black, Queer, Musician and Comedian from Mississippi
September 06, 2022

Season 7 continues to bring phenomenal guests and conversations. We have an incredible guest on this episode, whom we met at a live comedy show in Austin, TX. She is bold and honest, unafraid to spe

S7E1: Bridgerton, The Oscar’s Slap, THE Kentanji Brown Jackson, and Disrupting the Construction Industry
May 11, 2022

WELCOME to Season 7! Were so excited to be back with all of you. Theres so much happening in the world that we want to discuss and share with you, its hard to know where to begin. In this episod

S6E12: Duality and Paradox: A Season In Review
February 02, 2022

Welcome to the final episode in Season 6 of Race, Culture & Beyond: A Naked Conversation Podcast. Today we are closing out the season and reflecting on our learnings in addition to celebrating our gue

S6E11: New Year's Reflections on Paradoxical Emotions and Black Girl Hair
January 26, 2022

Welcome to Season 6 Episode 11 of Race, Culture & Beyond: A Naked Conversation Podcast. Today we are reflecting on the year and exploring the paradigms we have found ourselves in. We are sharing about

S6E10: Lived Experiences and Bi-Cultural Identity with Nadia Ali
January 12, 2022

Todays guest is a close friend and colleague who leads with purpose and compassion. Nadia Ali is a change-maker who isnt afraid to call you in while exuding kindness and intention. Nadia brings her