Naked Conversations: Race, Culture, & Beyond

Naked Conversations: Race, Culture, & Beyond

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S8E8: This is Goodbye (ish) & Thank You!
October 25, 2023

8 seasons, 51 raw, awkward & brave conversations later, we've arrived at our finale. This is definitely not the end of us using our voices to speak up against injustice & work for radical change, just

S8E7: Healing Generational Trauma & Breaking from "Stable Misery" with Dr. Lynyetta Willis
October 18, 2023

Neither you nor your family are broken, you just have habits that need to be. Today we are joined by Dr. Lynyetta Willis; psychologist, family empowerment coach, speaker, and award-winning author, w

S8E6: Book Bans in Schools: The What and The Why
October 11, 2023

Book bans are increasing at a rapid pace in school districts around the United States. Whats really going on here? Today we are unpacking the motivations for book banning, which books are being bann

S8E5: Building Trust in Organizations
October 04, 2023

Fear and trust are the core challenges of our time - Sage Its time we talked about trust. Today we explore why Erica & I first decided to trust each other, and how these same principles can be app

S8E4: Systematic Racism
September 27, 2023

You cannot heal what you have not diagnosed. You cannot repair what you do not see. - Isabel Wilkerson Today were bringing it back to basics. What do we mean when we refer to systematic racism, a

S8E3: Using Somatics to Reclaim Our Agency. With Maria-Victoria Albina.
September 20, 2023

Today we are joined by the outstanding Mara-Victoria Albina; Master Certified Somatic Life Coach, UCSF-trained Family Nurse Practitioner and Breathwork Meditation Guide. In this lively conversation,

S8E2: Hope Against All Odds
September 13, 2023

Are you finding it hard to stay optimistic lately? Our positivity has been having a beatdown too. In this episode, Sage reaches out to Erica for support and guidance through a difficult time, and we d

S8E1: Black Hair and Black History Month
September 06, 2023

Welcome back to Race, Culture & Beyond. Get ready for a whole new season of awkward, fun and courageous conversations. Today were sharing what weve been noticing and thinking about in our break from

S7E7: Friendship Across Race with the Humanize Podcast Hosts
October 11, 2022

And this brings Season 7 to a close! For our final episode, we are joined by Humanize Podcast hosts Courthney Russell Jr. and Emily Braucher. These two use their podcast as a platform for social justi

S7E6: Race & Roe Overturned
October 04, 2022

We are vacillating between resignation and rage in the wake of the Roe v. Wade decision. We recorded this episode on June 28. This is a heavy and raw conversation. You will hear us dive into uncomfort