Mythos Podcast

Mythos Podcast

S04 Episode 6: Tales from the Amber Sea Part 1, The Sea Queen & The Fisherman

September 24, 2021

The mythic origin tales of Baltic amber are full of magic, and the pre-history of the golden-umber resin-stone is no less awe-inspiring. This pine-tree resin was fossilized 45 million years ago, during a period of intense warmth that caused the pines to exude huge amounts of sap. There is an inherent enchantment in handling something that warms to the touch and is the remnant of a prehistoric coniferous forest. Even more otherworldly are those pieces of amber that contain the tiny remains of this ancient - and almost mythical - past. Oak leaf bits, tiny twigs, pollen, and other plant detritus found itself preserved in the resin which hardened over millions of years. Even ancient insects have been encapsulated in the golden substance. No wonder then that the Baltics, where this fey stone can be found in particular abundance, was the site of trade for many many thousands of years. In this episode, we will dive into a Lithuanian origin myth for this precious stone.

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