Mythos Podcast

Mythos Podcast

S04 Episode 5: The Washerwoman and the Lake Spirits

August 20, 2021

In this episode, we journey again to Lithuania: we will go to the noble hall of an ignoble count and to a sylvan lake, to meet a washerwoman of great spirit, whose patrons are full of earth and water magic.

A massive thank you to Co-Ag Music and Jēkabs Zariņš for their permission to use their music.

'Meža diesma,' 'tehniskas variācijas,' and 'Grandparent's Blessing' by Jēkabs Zariņš

'Taste the Fear,' and 'Who will save my soul,' by Co-Ag Music.

Jēkabs Zariņš:

Co-Ag Music: