Mythos Podcast

Mythos Podcast

S04 Episode 4: Eglė, Queen of the Serpents

May 09, 2021

In this episode’s panorama of ancient woodland, northern seas and shamanic underworlds, the world-traversing magic of the grass snake clashes with the bone-deep force of ancestral longing and family drama. From forest pools to pearl-white sands, from black-deep ocean caverns to a verdant underworld, we will explore the magic landscapes of Lithuania, in one of her most famous pieces of folklore.

This story was brought to life by the music of these talented musicians!

- Co-Ag Music on Youtube

- "Turėja Liepa" by Simona Smirnova: - Also, visit her website at:

- "Lakštingalėle" by Kumaniusilelis - Also, visit their Facebook Page:

- Agota Ago

- Performance of a Lithuanian Midsummer Folksong: