Mythos Podcast

Mythos Podcast

S04 Episode 2: The Night People & The Time of Souls

November 04, 2020

It is November in an Estonian village and it is the Time of Souls, when dead ancestors return and roam, visiting homes and enjoying the pleasures of life in the sauna

In this time of extended night, there are forces afoot, and not just those of deceased ancestors. There might be Nututaja: the evil eye, whose envy distresses and disturbs the new-born, and is one amongst a number of supernatural threats around the globe that threaten the infant. Perhaps a symbol of the immense world - with all of its dangers - surrounding the vulnerable little one, the Nututaja’s influence unsettles the baby, who becomes colicky and unable to sleep. In fact, Nututaja’s envy, the evil eye, is so powerful that it creates what seems to be an entity in its own right: Ööitketaja, the Night Wail.

A huge thank you to Maarja Nuut, a stunningly talented Estonian musician whose music seems made for these stories.

Songs: 'Siidisulis linnukene,' 'Veere, Veere, paevakene,' and 'Odangule.'

For more from Maarja, see her website:

Introduction Music: Estonian Cradle Song