Mythos Podcast

Mythos Podcast

S04 Episode 1: The Wood of Tontla

September 08, 2020

Welcome to episode 1 of 'Folklorica Baltica' - the fourth season of Mythos focusing on The Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

In this episode, follow the journey of a young girl who dares enter the dread Wood of Tontla...and who discovers strange magic and hidden blessings.

Music credit goes to some fine Estonian folk musicians who very kindly allowed me to use their music in this episode. Do explore their music for something beautiful and different.

Kirtana Rasa (artist): Monet Aiad (song) and Leia mind taas (song)

Maarja Nuut (artist): Kargus (song)

Midrid (artist): Meeste Kutse (song)

Rüüt (artist): Orjalaul (song)

Handi Paadimehe lugu (traditional song)